Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building


The Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach hosted the opening for the new Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building on February 26, 2011.  This new addition adds 4,400 square feet  to the Museum. The Visible Storage Building will display important works from the Museum’s collection in an open storage format and contains art and artifacts not currently on exhibition. The Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building is unique in the state of Florida and is the only such facility for art and decorative art objects.


A new entrance from the existing Anderson C. Bouchelle Center for the Study of International Decorative Arts leads visitors directly into the Visible Storage Building linking the new space with a long-established gallery space.   The first display of the Visible Storage Building is selections from the Museum’s extensive European and American furniture collection, as well as significant art and artifacts from the Arts in the Age of Napoleon Collection, one of the most richly historic collections of Napoleonic holdings in the Southeastern United States. 


The Visible Storage Building addresses the challenge of organizing a public exhibition space while fulfilling the traditional purpose of safely housing an important section of the Museum’s enormous and impressive collections in a climate-controlled and easily accessible environment.  “Open reserves have been growing in popularity for more than two decades in the United States,” says Amy Gale writing for Antiques and the Arts Online.  “Since 1982 open reserves have been adopted in some of the country’s most important museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution.”   The Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building allows visitors to access more of the Museum’s collection than previously possible by accommodating items on a long term basis that have only previously been on display in rotating exhibits and educational programs. 



Funding for this project was provided by Mrs. Helene B. Roberson and a grant from Volusia County ECHO.  

The Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building was funded in part by the County of Volusia ECHO grant program, approved by its citizens on November 7, 2000 to construct Environmental, Cultural, Historical and Outdoor Recreation Projects for public use.