"Art ... For Everyone!"

 August 31, 2015 through September 11, 2015

Featuring pieces from resident artists from Duvall Homes. Each artist brings a unique set of qualities and strengths, with diverse beginnings and backgrounds, and have reached milestones by overcoming great personal challenges. Created in a variety of mediums and born from a variety of imaginations, inspirations and creative styles, the artwork is a wonderful display representing the accomplishments of Duvall Homes artists. 

Woman In Blue Hat, Ginsberg
Photography by Will Phillips: And You Films



Faces from the Past: Portaits from the MOAS Collection

Through February 28, 2016

18th through 20th century portraits in a variety of mediums from the MOAS collection. 

Portrait of Caroline Heam Cowl, Alphonse Jongers, circa 1905 





 John James Audubon - A Selection of Prints from the MOAS Collection

 Through February 28, 2016

John James Audubon was a French-American ornithologist noted for his bird drawings and paintings. After being educated in France, he came to "Mill Grove," the Audubon estate outside Philadelphia where he first experimented with bird-banding and migration. Eventually he devoted his life to painting birds and other animals. Audubon earned a living painting portraits and for a time, taught drawing in New Orleans. He took his bird paintings to a publisher in Edinburgh, Scotland, and they were printed in Birds of America between 1827 and 1838, with the text, Ornithological Biography, appearing in five volumes between 1831 and 1839. William MacGillivray, a Scottish naturalist, collaborated with Audubon on the text and supplied most of the scientific data. Audubon had completed more than 400 paintings by 1838. Because he was one of the first U.S. naturalists, the Audubon societies of today were named for him.

 Fish Hawk or Osprey, Falco Haliaetus, John James Audubon, (Havell), 1830 


Contemporary Paintings from the MOAS Collection

Through Fall 2015

Exciting examples from the MOAS Art in Public Places program.




Exhibits and Dates Subject to Change