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The North Wing of the Museum of Arts & Sciences is one of the original wings of the Museum. The North Wing features permanent collections and exhibits such as the Kenneth Worchester Dow and Mary Mohan Dow Gallery of American Art, the Helena and William Schulte Gallery of Chinese Art,  the Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building, and the Anderson C. Bouchelle Study Center and Gallery for International Decorative Arts. The North Wing also contains several spaces for rotating and traveling exhibitions. 

Currently on Display

Anderson C. Bouchelle Changing Gallery
Sinuous Lines: Art Nouveau from the Collection

Art Nouveau was a French term given to a movement that dominated European decorative arts in the years c. 1890-1910.  Partly in reaction to the rise of machine-made objects, this elegant style embraced natural, curvilinear lines in subject matter and form as it overtook architecture, graphic art, interior design, and most of the decorative arts including jewelry, furniture, textiles, household silver and other utensils, and lighting, as well as the fine arts.  MOAS has many fine examples of Art Nouveau in graphic art, sculpture, glass, porcelain, and brass and these will be showcased in an exhibition outside the Bouchelle Gallery for International Decorative Arts. 


North Wing Corridor
Delicious and Refreshing: Over 100 Years of Coca-Cola Advertising Calendars

The Coca-Cola Company is famous for its advertising which has taken many forms over the company’s long history.  In 1891 Coca-Cola began using calendars as promotional material. The calendars were some of the company’s most popular advertising tools and they remain popular today. They offer a window into the popular culture and art of their respective years.


Ford Gallery
Gods and Goddesses: Greek Mythology in the MOAS Collection

The personalities and stories that populate the mythological cosmos of the ancient Greeks are woven throughout the history of Western culture. The exploits of Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Venus, Hermes, Diana, Bacchus and a host of many others have been retold in countless ways in all areas of the arts – visual, performing, literary – for centuries since the height of ancient Greek culture from the 8th – 3rd centuries B.C. This exhibition brings to light the colorful characters and tales of Greek mythology as represented in various types of objects in the MOAS collections and shows that the legacy of one of the world’s oldest cultures is still alive and well.

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