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The North Wing of the Museum of Arts & Sciences is one of the original wings of the Museum. The North Wing features permanent collections and exhibits such as the Kenneth Worchester Dow and Mary Mohan Dow Gallery of American Art, the Helena and William Schulte Gallery of Chinese Art,  the Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building, and the Anderson C. Bouchelle Study Center and Gallery for International Decorative Arts. The North Wing also contains several spaces for rotating and traveling exhibitions. 

Currently on Display

Edward E. and Jane B. Ford Gallery
NASA Innovations: How Space Technology Shapes
Our Everyday World

Find a new appreciation for the amazing technology intertwined into our lives as we take a look at the astounding technology developed for America's iconic space program. On loan from NASA and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, is a vast collection of training and space flown hardware starting with Project Mercury through to the Space Shuttle Program and beyond. You will find a rocket engine, space suit gear, spacewalking tools, planting growing station, materials used on Apollo craft and the Space Shuttle, and even a Space Shuttle toilet! These artifacts and more will highlight the technology that has been needed to operate in the harsh environment of space, and how those vital components were adapted for the public into everyday items in what NASA calls "spinoffs".  


North Wing Corridor
A Sense of Place: Cartography from the Collection

This exhibition brings to light some of the many historic maps in the MOAS collection. From Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States, examples from over 500 years of mapmaking are included showing mankind's long desire to chart "a sense of place" for itself on the planet. Whether it was to help guide nomadic peoples or later to define borders, maps have played an important role in human culture and history. Some of the earliest examples that still exist came from the Babylonians who drew maps on clay tablets, some of which have been dated to around 2300 BC. Today we use GPS and Google Maps as computers and satellite imaging have made mapping more accurate than ever. However, hundreds of years of advancements in cartography were necessary to bring us to where we are now and this exhibition highlights this ancient art through antique maps from around the world. 


Bouchelle Court of Changing Exhibits
Forms of Fancy

Spanning many cultures, time periods, and media, the Forms of Fancy exhibition highlights the depths of the collections as one of the inaugeral exhibitions celebrating the Museum's new renovation and expansion. It mirrors the many facets of MOAS with works ancient to present day and classical to contemporary, focusing primarily but not exclusively on human or animal figures. 

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