As a nonprofit organization, the Museum of Arts and Sciences relies on broad-based community support for its activities and daily operations. Museum of Arts and Sciences members and donors help the Museum to share its collection and programs with people from around the world. There are many ways to give to the Museum, with many benefits and privileges available to you in thanks for your generosity.


Annual Fund

Next time you visit the Museum, look carefully. Behind each picture, you'll find curators and educators. With them are the people who paint and clean the galleries and those who light our spaces, mow the lawn, and sell the tickets. Contributions to The Museum of Arts and Science's Annual Fund will provide support for current operating needs and help provide memorable educational experiences to families and schoolchildren. With your support, we are better able to sponsor schoolchildren with free or reduced admissions, offer the public the best in exhibits and continue to provide a wide array of educational outreach programs to the community.

It takes much more than a nail to hang a picture. It takes a team to run a museum. Everyone has a part to play. You are part of that team. The way you can help is through a gift to Museum of Arts and Sciences Annual Fund.


Museum members recognize the importance of preserving items of cultural and historical significance and offing exciting and innovative exhibits and programs that educate and inform our community. They know this would not be possible and could not continue without their support and dedication to the museum. Join the Museum of Arts and Sciences and enjoy the benefits of membership: Download PDF

Year-End Giving

The end of the calendar year is the time when many people think about making charitable gifts. If you itemize on your income tax returns, you're able to deduct your charitable contributions during the past year. Gifts can be made to specific areas including education, acquisitions, conservation, and exhibits.

Gifts may be made outright with a check payable to the Museum of Arts and Sciences or by credit card. Securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds) that have appreciated in value or tangible assets, such as real estate or personal goods and services, are also welcomed.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts of estate assets are a wonderful way to support the work of The Museum of Arts and Sciences. By including a contribution to the Museum in your will or living trust, you provide essential support for the Museum's mission. A provision in your will allows you to make a substantial contribution without diminishing the assets available to you during your lifetime.

Before making any gift to the Museum, you should consult with your accountant, counsel, or financial advisor for a thorough analysis of your individual situation. If you have already included the Museum of Arts and Sciences as a beneficiary of your will, please let us know so that we can recognize your generosity.

Endowment Funds

An endowment is a fund established within the institution that provides a predictable, independent source of income from year to year and lies in perpetuity with the Museum of Arts and Sciences. The endowed fund (the donation) is invested in accordance with the Museum of Arts and Sciences policy governing endowments. This investing creates income in the form of interest, dividends and gains. In accordance specified endowment spending policy, a portion of the income may be spent for the purpose stated by the donor in their agreement and a portion of the income is rolled back into the endowed fund to help grow the principal. This policy allows for the continual growth of both principal and income and, in this way, the fund lasts in perpetuity.

Children's Museum

The concept of a hands-on science center has been identified as a real need in this community. Our children must engage with science at a young age in order to become part of the growing industries seeking an educated scientific and technical workforce. For several years, the scientific component of our mission has been fulfilled through the 2,500 sq. ft. Charles and Linda Williams Children's Wing and through the museum's planetarium, which together serve thousands of students annually

We are now at a most exciting point in the development of our educational programming! A new facility will be built that will be known as the Charles and Linda Williams Children's Museum. It will be defined as a specific space for children and families through its unique contemporary architectural design and, while complementing the existing facility design, it will create excitement through soaring open spaces with an abundance of windows to provide natural light and a visual link to the outside environment.

The Children's Museum will house professionally designed interactive exhibits geared especially toward children that will engage them in learning various principles of science, engineering, and physics. These exhibits, created by the award winning world-renowned design firm of Hands-On will offer inquiry-oriented experiences that will develop scientific reasoning in young students.

Make a commitment to the children and families of our community by sponsoring one of these exhibits.

Community Children's Programs Fund

The museum currently provides a comprehensive learning program for over 15,000 children each year in association with the Volusia County School District, the Head Start Program, home school organizations, and individual families. The current children's programs will be restructured to take advantage of the new exhibits and classroom spaces. As a Children's Museum Program Sponsor, you may choose to underwrite the annual costs of one of these programs. A donation of $3,000 will support 500 of Volusia County children.

Foster Family Membership Fund

The Museum offers discounted memberships to Foster Care Families. As a Foster Family Sponsor, you may choose to underwrite the total cost of these memberships on an annual basis giving foster families an opportunity to visit the Museum. A donation of $500 will provide funding for 10 foster families.


Piece of the Puzzle Donation Wall Fund

In recognition of those helping to sustain the Children's Museum, a Piece of the Puzzle Donation Wall will be installed in a prominent area of the Museum. We invite you to be recognized by having your name or the name of your child or grandchild, engraved on a piece of the puzzle.




Never before have humans known as much about the universe as we do today and never before have we acquired new information about the universe as quickly as we do now. Yet, at the same time, never has the public been so unaware about the basic facts of celestial science. This has made the need for planetariums as front line artillery in the battle for science literacy greater than it has ever been. In response to this need, the Museum of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Volusia County School District, is initiating a major renovation of the Museum's planetarium. It will include installation of a new state-of-the-art dome and a computerized digital dome projection system. With the new technology the Planetarium will now be able to offer spectacular full dome immersive video, surround sound educational programs.

You can be a part of the exciting new offering by making a donation to the Planetarium 21st Century Project!

Tribute Gifts

A gift to The Museum of Arts and Sciences is a special way to recognize friends, family, and business associates, while supporting the Museum's mission, exhibits, and educational programs. "In Honor Of" gifts celebrate special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a child, or graduations. Celebrate the holidays from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day with a gift to The Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Express your sympathy or remember a loved one through a memorial gift. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a personalized letter sent to the honored individual or family (without reference to the amount donated).

Corporate Community

The Museum of Arts and Sciences Corporate Community Sponsorship program offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to show their leadership role in the community to employees, clients, customers and partners. In appreciation for their annual philanthropic support, Corporate Community Sponsors receive significant benefits and public recognition.

Major Sponsors

As public funding sources decrease, support from our Major Sponsors enables the Museum of Arts and Sciences to continue its mandate of providing exhibits that excite, educate and inform our community about the arts, sciences, and history. Your contribution will help to sustain the Museum's permanent exhibit space and to underwrite over 5 changing exhibitions each year, which showcase the works of major artists of both international and regional renown.

Matching Gifts

Your gift to the Museum of Arts and Sciences could be doubled! Find out if your employer (or parent company) will match your gift by contacting the Human Resources Department at your company. If your company does match gifts, use their matching gift form and mail it to:

Museum of Arts and Sciences
352 S. Nova Rd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114