Coming Soon to the Museum of Arts & Sciences

The newly rebuilt West Wing of the Museum of Arts & Sciences will open to the public on Friday, October 30, 2015. 

Prehistory of Florida Gallery

The Prehistory of Florida Gallery is home to Florida's Giant Ground Sloth skeleton. The impressive 13-foot tall skeleton of the Eremotherium laurillardi, or Giant Ground Sloth was excavated in 1975 in an important Pleistocene fossil site called the Daytona Bone Bed. Dr. Gordon Edmund, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at Canada's Royal Ontario Museum, identified and reconstructed the sloth for the Museum. The Prehistory of Florida Gallery showcases displays on the Giant Ground Sloth as well as other natural history specimens.


African Art & Artifacts
Elaine and Thurman Gillespy, Jr. Gallery

The African artifacts found in this exhibit were donated to the Museum in the 1980's. In their historic homeland, in isolated and highly organized communities these items originally played vital roles in daily events; for example in ceremonies for celebration, initiation from childhood into adulthood, preparation for war or harvesting. 






Cuban Foundation Museum

Home to one of the most important collections of Cuban fine and folk art outside of Cuba. This collection chronicles more than 250 years of Cuban history and art. The Cuban Museum's primary goal is to give Cuban Americans a rare glimpse into their rich cultural heritage and to provide a better understanding of Cuban history and tradition to visitors. 



Mary Louise Marzullo Gallery

The Armory represents a wide range of armor and weaponry from different parts of the world that were used for hunting and war. Napoleonic swords, muskets and a crossbow are among some of the weaponry on display. These important objects were created from soods and steel with silver inlay, gold and other precious materials brought together by fine craftsmanship and beauty of form. 








Jack Mitchell and Robert Pavlik Collection
Karshan Center of Graphic Art

This exhibition represents the collection of famed portrait photographer, Jack Mitchell and his partner Robert Pavlik, comprising mostly of works given to the couple by renowned artists they considered first and foremost as friends. Included in this exhibition are pieces by Jimmy Ernst, Bryce Hammond, Lowell Nesbitt, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, among others.