Summer Learning Institute

The annual Summer Learning Institute focuses on art, science, and history, with many integrated learning experiences for our students. All classes are taught by education professionals with many years of teaching experience. The Museum of Arts & Sciences and our Charles and Linda Williams Children's Museum provide interactive and engaging experiences for each of our Summer Learning Institute students.

Classes for the 2017 Summer Learning Institute are Closed!
We look forward to seeing you during next year's camp!

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Classes No Longer Available

Programs Ages 4, 5 and 6 years old (All CLASSES ARE CLOSED)

  • Dinosaur Madness (June 12-16 AM) CLOSED
  • Art City (June 12-16 PM) CLOSED
  • Life Under the Sea (June 19-23 AM) CLOSED
  • I Want to be a Scientist (June 19-23 PM) CLOSED
  • Paint, Print, Splatter (June 26-30 AM) CLOSED
  • A Pirate's Life for Me (June 26-30 PM) CLOSED
  • LEGO® Genius (July 10-14 AM) CLOSED
  • Awesome Animals (July 10-14 PM) CLOSED
  • Science Mania (July 17-21 AM) CLOSED
  • Symphony of the Five Senses (July 17-21 PM) CLOSED
  • Wild World of Art (July 24-28 AM) CLOSED
  • Space Cats (July 24-28 PM) CLOSED
  • Really Big Things (July 31-August 4 AM) CLOSED
  • Science Giant (July 31-August 4 PM) CLOSED

Programs Ages 7, 8 and 9 years old (All CLASSES ARE CLOSED)

  • Fossil Quest (June 12-16 AM) CLOSED
  • LEGO Empire (June 12-16 PM) CLOSED
  • Science Apprentice (June 19-23 AM) CLOSED
  • Cafe MOAS (June 19-23 PM) CLOSED
  • Time Traveler (June 26-30 AM) CLOSED
  • Be Like da Vinci! (June 26-30 PM) CLOSED
  • CSI Volusia (July 10-14 AM) CLOSED
  • Operation LEGOs (July 10-14 PM) CLOSED
  • Art Adventure (July 17-21 AM) CLOSED
  • Classic Games (July 17-21 PM) CLOSED
  • Welcome to Hogwarts (July 24-28 AM) CLOSED
  • LEGO Master (July 24-28 PM) CLOSED
  • LEGO Enthusiast (July 31-August 4 AM) CLOSED
  • The Nature of Things (July 31-August 4 PM) CLOSED

Programs Ages 10, 11, 12, and 13 years old (All CLASSES ARE CLOSED)

  • CSI Daytona Crime Lab (June 12-16 AM) CLOSED
  • Art Fantastic (June 12-16 PM) CLOSED
  • Marine Science and History Outreach Program (June 19-23 AM/PM) CLOSED
  • Claymation Studio (June 26-30 AM/PM) CLOSED
  • Cell Phone and Go Pro Video Maker (July 10-14 AM/PM) CLOSED
  • Marine Science Outreach (July 17-21 AM/PM) CLOSED
  • Short Comedy Movie Maker (July 24-28 AM/PM) CLOSED
  • Science Apprentice (July 31-August 4 AM) CLOSED
  • Paleontology 101 (July 31-August 4 PM) CLOSED


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Thank you to our 2017 Scholarship Sponsors

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Guild of the Museum of Arts & Sciences
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