The Root Family Museum

The Root Family Museum features one of the largest Coca-Cola memorabilia collections in the world, teddy bears, Indy Series race cars, train cars, and other popular Americana.

An astounding display of more than 800 Teddy Bears, ranging from seven feet tall to only a few inches in height, are contained in the Root family's collection. The collection represents Florida's largest collection of stuffed Teddy Bears, and each Teddy Bear represents a different time period or theme and portrays everyday scenes such as 'Teddy Bear Wedding', complete with bridesmaids, groomsmen and a minister.

With every conceivable item relating to the bottling, advertising and consumption of Coca-Cola in their collection, the Root family has amassed one of the most historically important anthologies of the American soft drink on which their family fortune was founded. Through a selection of glass bottles representing the changing trends in bottling over the decades, this exhibit chronicles the transition of Root Family Glass Works into Associated Coca-Cola, the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the nation.

The collection also includes two mid-century train cars which are housed in an enclosed Train Station. The Silver Holly, an Art Deco masterpiece, was converted by the Root family from a passenger dome liner to a private coach equipped with a kitchen, living room, and enough beds to sleep their six children. The 1948 Hiawatha is a fully restored Milwaukee Road Skytop Lounge car. Both train cars can be viewed in the newly reimaged Train Station. Now enclosed, the Train Station includes railroad exhibits, allowing for great insight into the lives of early American industrialists.

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