All Aboard! Vintage Railroad Memorabilia from the Root Family Museum


North Wing Corridor
Opening August 9, 2018 through August 28, 2018

For generations, many sights and accommodations awaited those who chose the train as their preferred long-distance system of transportation. During their travels, passengers could experience changing landscapes, dining services, and opportunities to lounge and socialize. Trains were faster and more reliable than bus travel which was often affected by road conditions. Though they were not as fast as the newly emerging planes of the time, they offered spacious seating and the ability for passengers to move around as they pleased. This exhibit displays the ephemera of this period of railroad travel including brochures, menus, tickets, luggage tags, promotional material, and other printed materials. These objects are potent visual reminders of a time when "All Aboard!" was a familiar refrain in American life. 


Photo Credit:

INTERSTATE TRAVELER train and motor coach timetable, June, 1926
New York and Boston Auto Tourist Co., Boston, Massachusetts
Root Family Museum