General Information


Usage Permissions & Fees

Policies Governing the Usage of Images from the Museum's Collection:

  • Museum images may not be altered without prior approval.
  • Non-commercial use of museum images on personal or education websites is allowed free of charge as long as credit is given to the Museum of Arts & Sciences, Daytona Beach.
  • Commercial use of museum images or use of images on websites that charge or carry advertisements must be approved in advance. Contact the museum at 
  • MOAS images or text excerpts from the Museum's website may be used for school or academic reports free of charge. Credit should be given to the Museum of Arts & Sciences, Daytona Beach. 
  • Academic is defined as non-publication use by a student or teacher in a school setting or personal reference, research, or decorative display. 
  • Any use of images for commercial purposed whether print, video, or web must receive prior approval from MOAS staff (see contact information below) and is subject to a usage fee. 
  • Those needing a high-resolution image may incur a fee and must sign a license agreement for this service. 

Obtaining Permission:

  • Personal photography in MOAS - No permission required
  • Educational use in a classroom - No permission required
  • Commercial photography in the museum and news media:
  • MOAS reserves the right to deny any request for digital images if the proposed use of the photograph does not reflect the mission of MOAS. 

Download a MOAS Image Usage Agreement