Object Donation Request

The Museum of Arts & Sciences welcomes the donation of objects that will help to enhance our current collections. As outlined below, the Museum follows a policy of selective acquisition. Each donation request is thoughtfully considered by the Curatorial Department, Executive Director, and appropriate governing committees to determine if the gift is in line with the specific criteria for the acquisition and acceptance of donations, as outlined in the Museum’s Collections Management Policy; any object accepted into the Museum’s collection should be consistent with the institution’s mission, be historically or culturally relevant, and be properly preserved.

If you are interested in gifting an object to the Museum of Arts & Sciences, please submit the following information to curatorial@moas.org with the subject heading “Object Donation Request – your first and last name.”

Please note: Due to restrictions of limited funds, storage space, or concerns of an object’s required preservation needs, only inquiries which are of specific interest and in line with these criteria will be considered.

Personal Information

1. Name (first and last) *Required
2. Address (street address, city, state, zip code)
3. Email (primary) *Required
4. Phone (primary) *Required

About the Object(s)

1. Brief description and known history of object(s). Please include quantity of object(s) and estimated size(s). *Required

2. When did the object(s) come into your possession?

3. How did the object(s) come into your possession? *Required

a. Inherited
b. Purchased
c. Gifted
d. Found

4. Additional details (from whom was the object(s) inherited? Where was the object(s) found? etc.)

5. Condition of object(s): *Required

a. Like New
b. Good
c. Used/Stable
d. Poor/Unstable

6. Additional condition notes (extent of damage, missing components, operational issues, etc.)

File Attachments
Please include at least one image of the object(s) you would like to donate, as well as any other relevant documentation. Maximum file size: 20 MB. *Required

Important Information for Potential Donors
Thank you for your interest in donating object(s) to the Museum of Arts & Sciences. Completing this form is the first step in the donation process. Please do not bring objects to the museum or send them by mail until you have been contacted by museum staff. The Museum of Arts & Sciences DOES NOT provide appraisals.

Please complete this form in its entirety. The staff and board will determine if your object(s) meets the Museum’s criteria for formal inclusion into the permanent collection. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Consistency with the Museum of Arts & Sciences collecting mission
  • Usefulness and potential for exhibition and research
  • The condition of the object(s)
  • Size of object(s) and availability of storage space

Upon submission of this form, consideration of the object(s) must be found by the Curatorial Department, Executive Director, Collections Committee, and any other relevant Museum Board Committee with jurisdiction, to be consistent with the aforementioned criteria. The Committee(s) will review the information and requests. If the object(s) is/are found to be in accordance with the Museum’s policies and procedures, the object(s) may be accepted as a donation.

If your donation request is accepted, you will be contacted by museum staff. The decision will be guided by the Collections Management Policy and informed by the Museum’s current goals for acquisitions.

If your object(s) is not accepted for acquisition, please do not take this personally! The Museum is limited in both space and the resources that are necessary for the proper care and preservation of objects, therefore, the acquisition process is highly selective. In the event your object(s) is not accepted for acquisition, the Curatorial Department may recommend alternative institutions that are more appropriate and better suited for your object(s).

By sending us your Object Donation Request, you confirm that you have read the terms and guidelines for gifts of objects to the Museum.

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