Attention to Detail: Architectural Arts and Design from the Collection


Karshan Center of Graphic Art
Open January 13, 2018 through April 22, 2018

Throughout history, talented artisans have spent untold hours (and their patron's untold riches) on embellishing architectural interiors around the world. The MOAS collection has many fine examples of architectural designs and furnishings created by the army of craftsmen employed by the wealthy in Europe to decorate their mansions and palaces. This exhibition brings to light beautiful hand-drawn sketches and watercolors together with prints and design additions such as mirrors and fire mantelpieces from the collection that were all a part of the design aesthetic from the Renaissance on in Europe. 


Image Credit:
Emile Auguste Rieber, French (1826-1893), Design for a Jardiniere, 1872
Watercolor and gouache on paper