Family Ties: Joachim Murat and Family in the MOAS Collection

Family Ties: Joachim Murat and Family in the MOAS Collection

North Wing Corridor
Open August 13, 2022 through December 4, 2022

Kenneth Dow, one of the museum’s original donors, was fascinated with Napoleon and the Murat family and avidly collected all manner of objects associated with this illustrious French family, including furniture, decorative arts, paintings, sculpture, memorabilia, and works on paper. Many of these works are prominently on view in our Visible Storage.  This exhibition in the Museum’s North Corridor gallery focuses on paintings and prints depicting the Murat family, including Joachim Murat and his wife Caroline Bonaparte – Napoleon’s younger sister – and their children Achille, Letizia, Lucien and Louisa. These works, many of which have never been exhibited here before, provide a testament to the Napoleonic connection to the state of Florida as well as Mr. Dow’s lifelong passion and fascination with all things Napoleon.


Image Credit:

Louis Charles Ruotte (1754-1806)
Stipple printed in color with hand-coloring
Gift of Kenneth Worcester Dow and Mary Mohan Dow

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