Garden of the Heart's Desire: Selections from the Golzar Collection of Persian Textiles


West Wing & Root Hall
Open April 18, 2019 through July 21, 2019

Gardens reside at the heart of Persian culture, serving as a physical space for social interaction, religious devotion, and scholarly contemplation as well as an intangible ideal of artistry and beauty. This exhibition of over 60 rare 18th and 19th Century Persian textiles from the private collection of Mahin Ghanbari brings together two of the strongest artistic traditions in historic Persia – lush and beautifully cultivated gardens and gorgeously embroidered and woven textiles. Ms. Ghanbari is one of the preeminent collectors of this art form and her collection represents the Persian aesthetic and longstanding tradition of excellence in handcrafted textile production at its finest. 

Image Credit:
Velvet Embroidery (detail); possible garment fragment, silk velvet with metal and silk embroidery; 19th Century, Kashan Region, Iran, 18 x 21”