MOAS Space Night

4/26/2019 at 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Event Description

Join us for the Museum's biggest space event of the year! For the 5th anniversary of Space Day, we are excited to announce that we are hosting this event in the evening, celebrating all things space in an engaging and interactive environment for the whole family. You will learn about the science, exploration, and beauty of space through exciting lectures, shows in our main Planetarium and portable Planetarium, hands-on activities, displays from local organizations, and stargazing with telescopes (weather permitting) in our front entrance courtyard. Taco's Land food truck and the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck will also be set up in our courtyard for your enjoyment. We cannot wait to see you for this out-of-this-world event. 


5:00pm-10:00pm: Paper rocket building and launching in the Root Family Auditorium

5:30pm-10:00pm: Portable planetarium shows - ongoing every half hour

6:00pm: You Run the Show! - in the Planetarium

7:00pm: Seeing Double with Spica, Brightest Star in Virgo with ERAU's Dr. Jason Aufdenberg, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy - in the Planetarium
Measurements of the double star Spica, with an array of telescopes larger than three football fields, allow us to accurately weight this binary stare system, even peer inside the stars to probe their internal structure. Learn more about Spica's role in the history of astronomy and what we are learning about Spica from observations from the ground and in space.

8:00pm: Live "The Sky Tonight" Show - in the Planetarium

8:30pm-11:00pm: Stargazing with telescopes in the front entrance courtyard (weather permitting)

9:00pm: Seeing the Invisible: A New Look at Black Holes with MOAS Curator of Astronomy, Seth Mayo - in the Planetarium
Black holes have always been intriguing and mysterious objects in the universe. Now that we have our first picture of a black hole - or at least the area around one - published on April 10, 2019, these gravitationally powerful singularities have come to light just a bit more. We will explore the nature of black holes, and how the Event Horizon Telescope from around the world captured the black hole image as we fly through our digital universe inside the Planetarium.

10:00pm: Laser Show Under the Stars - Beautiful views of the Universe with laser music - in the Planetarium

Admission to the Planetarium presentations is free for MOAS members in celebration of member appreciation! 

Admission to the Planetarium presentations is $5.00 for future members. Availability for planetarium shows is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

All other activities held within the Museum and outside are free to the public. 

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