Wishes and Dreams

Edward E. and Jane B. Ford Gallery
September 19, 2008 through November 7, 2008

"Shows Americans another side of Iran" - Condoleeza Rice, US secretary of State

Organized by Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C. in partnership with the Tehran University Art Gallery, this exhibition outstanding in its historical and avant-garde approaches to the contemporary scene, introduces young, emerging Iranian artist to America. The 30 artists, aged 22-40 bring the vibrant young Iranian Art scene through abstraction, portraiture, minimalism and video art. Not only does this exhibit illustrate current contemporary Iranian trends; it introduces us to the artist’s dreams of the past and their concern and anxiety for the future of their beloved country.

To compliment this exhibition a display of Persian Miniatures from the MOAS permanent collection will be on display.

Click here to view a video of comments made by Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of State at the opening of Wishes and Dreams in Washington, D.C.

Image Credit: Maryam Ghaziani, Silent Dream, oil on canvas, 2004

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