A Celebration of Love

Mon, Jun 12, 2023 at 12:10PM

By Doris Strnad, Rental Manager

Lara & Meagan | October 29, 2022


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Lara Mirante and Meagan Kane first met online in a group chat with some mutual friends in March 2015. Shortly after, Meagan realized Lara was playing a video game series she loved, and the two of them began talking about their favorite characters and moments from the games. Thus began many long conversations; even resulting in a 16-hour call between just the two of them while playing a game together.

They soon started working together on a writing project about a game where two characters who were friends fell in love with each other without realizing it at first. It was a wonderful creative experience Lara and Meagan shared that brought them even closer together. After a few months of regular calls, game playing, and writing collaborations, Lara realized she was starting to have feelings for Meagan. In October, Lara decided to invite the gaming group to her house for a Christmas party. Later that month Lara professed to Meagan that she had feelings for her; Meagan was hesitant at first since they had yet to meet in person. But by the time Christmas came around, Meagan took a chance and hopped on a plane along with other group members to visit Lara in Florida. They had their first date surrounded by their gaming friends who had witnessed their blossoming relationship. As a Christmas gift, Lara took the group on a tour of Cape Canaveral, where she and Meagan had their first kiss on the bus between the Apollo launch pad and the Kennedy Space Center. The future was sealed with a kiss and the stars had aligned!

Eventually Lara moved to Minnesota to live with Meagan, and they got engaged in 2020. Due to COVID and other unforeseen events, they patiently waited two years to get married. Patiently and anxiously! Fast forward to October 29, 2022, the day they had been dreaming of.


Lara + Meagan

Lara and Meagan chose the Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art as their venue and had a tropical themed wedding with lush foliage and flowers decorating the entire museum. It was a truly glorious wedding and the palpable happiness every person felt was evident as Lara and Meagan said their “I do’s”.


Wedding Party


Meagan and Lara wrote a love story, and it came true for them! We wish them all the happiness and magic in this world and wherever their love and creativity may bring them. Congratulations!

Lara + Meagan



Lara + Meagan


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