Ten Reasons to Get Married at a Museum

Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 1:45PM

By: Tori Carta, Rental Manager

It’s rare that the first thing one thinks of when walking into a museum filled with historical artifacts, scientific exploration or artistic works of art is “What a Great Wedding Venue.” Although the foundation of what makes museums so special are these highly valued objects and exhibits. We’d also like to think what makes them so special are the memories created inside their historic walls.

What better memory to cherish than marrying your life partner joined by your closest family and friends in a breathtaking museum.  Museums are a sophisticated wedding venue and we’ll give you 10 reasons why the next time you walk into one, your mind should also add, “Perfect Wedding Venue” to your list of why museums are so special!

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1. Gorgeous Unique Setting

Although we admire a transformed fancy ballroom or serene beach wedding, a museum oftentimes has beautiful architecture features that sets the tone for what’s to come. Typically, there is a central focal piece that provides guests with a breathtaking moment upon entering the museum. For our venues, a few of these statement pieces include a grand staircase, timeless mural art display and a prehistoric giant ground sloth!


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2. Colorful Décor 

We all know that wedding costs add up quickly, especially when it comes to décor. The great thing about museums is there is an endless color palette to play with. Couples can use the in-house artwork to accent their décor, rather than start completely from scratch. Museums are thoughtfully designed and can be the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.


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3. Built-In Entertainment for Guests

Hosting your wedding at a museum means there is built-in entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Most museums offer the option to leave museum galleries open for your guests to tour upon arrival, during Cocktail Hour, and even during the Reception. This added feature allows your guests to really engage in your wedding setting and be privy to such a beautiful gem in the local community.

Photo Credit: Left Image – Alicia Lynn Photography, Middle Image – Emotive Photo, Right Image – Nick and Lauren Photography


4. Experienced Staff

Museums host many events, camps, seminars and functions throughout the year, which means that most likely, you’ve got a group of people who know what they are doing. Museum staff tend to be reliable, knowledgeable and friendly because customer service is of the utmost importance. Museums want all guests to have a positive experience, and that starts with hiring the right people to engage with the community that is coming in. Museums work with licensed and insured vendors and are helpful in suggesting reliable wedding professionals in the area.  

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5. Security On-Site

Because of the valuable art and artifacts in a museum, museums provide their own in-house security. Having security on-site during your wedding is helpful to ensure a drama-free, memorable, and elegant event.



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6. Freebies

It’s important to know what each wedding venue includes in their pricing. Items such as tables, chairs, A/V equipment, easels, linens, table settings, bar items, etc. You will find that museums offer many of these amenities in their pricing which is a great benefit in helping you save money.

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7. Outside Vendors Allowed

Being able to incorporate the vendors you trust and love into your wedding day is a big bonus! Some venues require couples to use their partnered vendors, while others have a Preferred Vendor List which only suggests reliable vendors, yet allows you to bring in your own. If you rent a venue and want to bring in outside vendors, it’s normal for the venue to require proof of license and liability insurance from those vendors. This is a very positive requirement because it helps protect clients from liability due to vendor negligence and ensures you are working with professional vendors in the industry.

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8. Beautiful Photos

There are many wonderful photographers in the industry who capture images at the same venues time after time. A museum tends to be an extremely fun location for photographers to use their imagination, think outside the box and use the uniqueness of a museum to their creative advantage.  If you are looking for unique wedding photos, a museum is that treasure. Interested in getting photos under the stars in a Planetarium? What about with prehistoric animals, in historic cars, besides classic artwork, among million-year-old fossils, on train cars or among cool gallery exhibits? All these are possible. Museums also have beautiful outside areas as well, so you can get the best of both worlds!

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9. Can Accommodate Big and Small Intimate Weddings

Museums have a variety of ceremony and reception options for your special day that can accommodate an intimate or grand wedding. The variety of rental spaces can help you find the perfect fit for your guest count.

Photo Credit: Flora Bloom Photography


10. Reasonable Times

After all the planning and time spent on organizing the most perfect wedding, it’s easy to understand why the thought of celebrating until 2am is enticing. For those who have already been married, it may have seemed like that grand exit couldn’t have come soon enough. Weddings are the greatest, but exhausting. Period. Museums tend to set reasonable timeline guidelines so that your guests, vendors and you, get home safely!


Photo Credits: Left Image – Flora Bloom Photography, Right Image - Oh So Sweet Studios


We would love to tell you more about what our Museum Wedding Rentals include at the Museum of Arts & Sciences! Please visit /rentals/index or call (386) 255-0285 x340.  

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