Robo-Car Race Track

Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:25PM

By Jim Kotas, Lead GE Volunteer


GE Volunteers, members of the Alphagraphics team, and MOAS Employees
upon the completion of the redesigned Race Track.

The GE Volunteers have completed the installation of one of the larger hands-on exhibits in the Charles and Linda Williams Children's Museum at MOAS – the new Robo-Car Race Track. This was accomplished with the expert assistance of Alphagraphics, a local printing and graphics business. The new exhibit features self-steering robot cars that visitors can race around the track while they control the speed of the car and select which of two tracks to race on. Each car has sensors that read the road pattern and steer the car to stay on the race track, much like the self-driving vehicles that are being tested by many car companies around the country today.


Before the Race Track renovations.


During the Race Track renovations.


GE Volunteers have designed and built many of the exhibits in the Children's Museum, often with support from local business partners such as Mediatech, M & M Systems, Thompson Pump, and other companies who donate time, expertise and materials for the exhibits. All of the exhibits are maintained by the GE Volunteers who sometimes have to reverse engineer a design due to lack of drawings or obsolescence of technology. The interior of the Children's Museum has been named the GE Volunteers Exhibit Hall in recognition of the engineering, funds, and volunteer hours that they provide in support of MOAS.

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